The Lodge is situated near Debre Zeit, a town at 47 km south of Addis Abeba (Ethiopia).

Localisation on google map... : 8°46'59.7"N 38°59'48.5"E

We are on the border of Babogaya lake, which is an ancient volcano 1km2 wide, filled with clear water in which it is possible to swim or to go around with a kayak.

Map Babogaya Lake Viewpoint lodge

To arrive at the Babogaya Lake Viewpoint Lodge:


By taxi from the airport:

Our taxi can pick you up for 30 dollar anywhere in Addis,  24H/24H, also in the airport.

Many of our customers arrive by plane in Addis Ababa and come directly ( it takes 90 minutes) to our lodge.

Others are relaxing at the end of their trip in Ethiopia some days in our lodge before our taxi takes them at 8 pm directly to the airport for their international night flight to Europe.

We send you picture of our taximan and his phone, so you will meet easily.


By car:

Take the external ringroad by the GORO road until you enter the Highway in TULU DIMTU ( you pay 15 birr). Take the first exit called  DUKUM or Debre Zeit North.  Ones you are on the old road, follow 8 km until you see a NOC fuelstation on your LEFT side ( there is before another NOC on the right). 100 m more, there is a road to the left. Follow this road 5 km in the direction of Kiruftu. Don't take the last road right to Kiruftu but continue 50 m and you see the indication of the Viewpoint Lodge on your left side.

Google maps is another easy way to reach the Lodge.

Parking: A location closer to the lodge is available for free.


By public transport:

Take in Addis a minibus to the Akaki busstation. There you take a minibus to the busstation in Debre Zeit. A three-wheeled Indian BAJAJ  may take you to the lodge for 60 birr.